PWA Slalom Equipment Rules Update

  • Slalom equipment limits for the 2022 and 2023 season

    Dear Friends

    We hope you are all well in these challenging times.

    Its been a very frustrating year for the PWA and we have suffered heavily at the hands of the pandemic, and all the complications it has brought.

    Despite that, we have had some successes. The Tiberias World Cup was a fantastic success, and a very useful exercise in the new integrated slalom format as well as for our new media team. The TV show should be completed soon, and we will let you know where you can see it.

    The Croatia 2-star event continues to grow and it was another great event this year. It has already been added to the increasingly busy line up for 2022, where we expect it to grow further to a 3 star event or higher.

    We are still working on the additional event that we mentioned recently and will bring you updates on that, and other PWA developments, as soon as we can.

    In the meantime however, we wanted to bring you up to date on some recent decisions regarding the slalom format and equipment rules, looking ahead to 2022 and 2023, in order to allow you to plan properly.


    Foil Vs Fin in Israel

    The first change will be in the format for women’s slalom. Currently women's foil slalom and fin slalom are run as 2 separate disciplines within PWA slalom events, but for 2022, foil and fin will be integrated into one slalom discipline, in the same way as it is currently run in the men’s division.


    Women Foil and Fin to be Integrated

    Equipment limits for men in 2022 will remain the same as we published previously, with 6 sails and 4 boards being permitted. However, for the women’s division, we will reduce the number of boards to 3, meaning that competitors may register a total of 6 sails and 3 boards, one board of which may be over 85cm wide to be used purely with a foil. Boards 85cm or under may be used with foil or fin. Women will still be permitted to use boards up to 100.5cm. All other rules will remain the same as the current limits, with 3 front wings, 2 rear wings, 2 fuselage and one mast being permitted in a foil set.

    Registration deadlines for 2022 equipment will remain the same as they currently are, with sail details being submitted no later than the 31st October, whilst board and foil details must be submitted no later than 15th December.

    Looking ahead to 2023, the PWA Board has voted to reduce equipment for the men’s division to 6 sails and 3 boards in the same way as the women will be in 2022. All other limits will remain the same.

    Decisions for 2024 will be made in June 2022 after the first events of 2022, unless circumstances mean it is beneficial to delay.

    That’s about all for now, but we will continue to update you about events and other developments for the future soon.

    Kind regards.

    The PWA

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