Soul surfer from Holland

  • Hello,
    I hope you don't mind if i write in englisch,.
    My german is not so good.soo thats why i write in englisch.
    I friend if mine has said for also looking at this nice site for windsurfers.
    My name is martin folmer i'm from Holland. 35year old i'm sailing from i was 8 year old.
    Most of the time a sail at the Brouwersdam or the Grevelingendam.
    Sail with mauisails race sails and Simmer wavesails.
    Hope that i can learn samething more and hope that i can also give you guys same advice when you need it . Always nice too help other windsurfers when they have problems.


  • hi Martin, greets to you and all dutch windsurfers in your wonderful country which makes windsurfing possible for us here in this dry western germany :-)
    May I ask you where you are when surfing Brouwersdam? Where the Kiters are or anywhere else? What is the best entry from your point of view? Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Bernd,

    If i'm saling at the brouwersdam on the noordsea side , i'm not were the kiters are.
    Were the kiters are you must walk a very long too too get too the water.
    I surf always at the beginning of the brouwersdam that will be the side if you come from Renesse.
    Or else on the end of the brouwersdam were you are coming from Renesse.
    its on the end of the brouwerdam in the direction of ouddorp.
    I hope that you understand what i meen.

    are you also sailing at the brouwersdam.??

  • Thanks Martin, I have understood and know both spots. I have been there only a few times yet, being more on the flatwater side. But I intend to try northsea side more often now. So I hope to see you soon there :-)