North Sails - RACE 2

My first personal impression of the North Sail RACE 6.8 (proto) are exceeding my expectations. It was so much fun to ride with this sail. The conditions in Sao Pedro (island Sao Vicente of Cape Verde) were perfect. The wind was building up in little time. The sail is extremely light and yet very stable. Right away it felt familiar in handling. What impressed me is the stability. Steady controle and speed, which gave me confidence. If I had had some more time I would have loved to try a slalom board. But it was the last day of our stay and we had to catch a plane. Great control, great handling and steady speed with not much effort. So far very good! I am excited to see and feel more of North Race sails! • Location Sao Pedro | Sao Vincente | Cape Verde • Flat water / small chop • Temperature 26 degrees Celsius / water no wetsuit needed only for sunprotection • Equipment used that day: North Sails RACE 6.8 | Starboard Futura 63 cm | Tribal MK2 34 cm

  • First Impressions | North Sails RACE 6.8 | Windsurfing

    First Impressions | North Sails RACE 6.8 | Windsurfing

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