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    I am the inventor of the Free-Fall harness buckle and also the safety footstrap bindings.

    I see above (thank's google trad) that they are diffèrent questions. Please forgive me for answering in english.

    Is the Free-Fall harness ok for slalom windsurfing : not yet. Indeed in the chop you get unwanted triggering. A stronger version (up to 210 kg) is at a prototype stage.

    Is it ok for windfoiling ? : yes 100%! I just could not feel safe without it (did some 28 knts last saturday in gusty winds of 25-35 knts)...

    Will it protect the board ? : First it is meant to protect the rider !!! But if the sail hits the nose and you are not hanging to it then the impact is far less. Among my clients some broke ribs, elbow or even the neck (2 cervical vertebrea).

    Is it expensive ? : 100% made in France (and not much left for me...) not in China ... Are BMW expensive ? ;o)