Material: Neu vs Alt - Whats the benefit?

  • Moin zusammen,

    mich interessiert wie sich die Materialentwicklung bei Boards bemerkbar macht. Leider konnte ich bisher noch keine eigenen Erfahrungen sammeln, deswegen möchte ich Eure abfragen


    Naish Nitrix 155 l BJ 2011 Länge: 274cm Breite: 78cm



    Patrik F-Ride 155 l Länge: 254,5cm Breite: 79,5cm

    Fanatic Gecko 156l Lange: 252cm Breite: 85cm

    Was macht es für einen Unterschied bzw. wie machen diese sich bemerkbar für Fahrer mit folgendem Level:

    a.) Aufsteiger

    b.) Experte

    Danke für eure Expertise.

  • The older Naish is 264cm long. The differences are not very big if I look to the numbers. An older board can be (internal) weakened when its used a lot and used intensive. Naish has had quite good constructions in the past (dont know about this board though).

    If the cost of the board is no issue I would buy the Patrik in best construction option. This board will last The Gecko is very wide, in shallow water (longer fin is difficult) or with weedfin this is an disadvantage. If you want the best performance for lowest cost than I would choose the naish and use the difference in cost for a good extra fin. Because I believe the naish with a good fin beats the others with standard fin. The Naish is probably the best board to (learn too) gybe fast. However you need to estimate (when buying) if the used Naish board is not near end of life.

  • He is already the owner of the Naish-board.....

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  • Hi guys,

    thank you for your feedback.

    DonRon is right i already own the Naish board.

    But i Just checked some new Boards and wondered which benefit these Boards would give me compared to the old one. In this case i assume to stick with my Naish and may go for a better fin and additionaly a smaller Board ( Something around 120- 130) Is there some brand you can recommend? I Just tried JP Australia x-cite 125l - with less wind and no possibility to waterstart it was kinda difficult (not perfect conditions or skill)

    You also talked about another (better) fin. What should i look out for in a used fin?

    At the moment I am mainly on Lake Garda with a range of 6 - 8.2m² and a weight of 100kg.

  • Naish has a powerbox. There are not many second hand powerbox performance fins for sale in th Netherlands. Select fins, Hurricane fins, Tribal fins, Sonntag fins (and probably other good brands) do offer powerbox performance fins for 10+ years. However 2nd hand they are rare with powerbox head.

    The patrik board has a tuttlebox, which means a lot of secondhand performance fins available.

  • You will never improve your skills from Advanced to Expert on these boards!

    And I owned the X-cite 125l. A horrible board compared with the replacement tabou rocket 125l....

    I don't know your financial limits, but if possible I would buy the Patrick F-Ride. As already mentioned the Gecko is too wide for choppy water and gusty conditions. The Patrick is the board for your future - the Naish for your past.

    And I would think about 155l. Do you really need such a boat?



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  • I forgot to mention for the Gecko:

    In German we say "Klotür".. 😁

    Fährt Ezzy auf Tabou, Goya und RRD