PWA Foil Registration for the 2024 season

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    Dear Foil Manufacturers

    Please find attached the registration forms for the registration of the 2024 Foil equipment.

    For Foils, the following details, for each model registered, must be submitted by 15th December 2023

    PWA Foil Registration form completed.

    ·       Exact 1:1 outline diagram of the front wing shape including measurements.

    ·       Exact 1:1 outline diagram of the rear wing shape including measurements.

    ·       Exact 1:1 cross section diagram of the front wing at 10cm from the centreline

    ·       Exact 1:1 cross section diagram of the front wing at 30cm from the centreline

    Please complete all measurements on the registration form. You may note them on the diagram, but the diagram is only to aid measurements, the final measurements must be entered on the form and only the measurements entered on the form will be used in any scrutiny of equipment.

    Each form / worksheet must only include measurements for up to one complete set of foils. For additional components in different sizes and shapes, additional forms or worksheets must be completed but you do not need to repeat measurements for components used in each version (for example masts and fuselages that have already been registered on a different form).

    Brands / manufacturers may only register foils comprising components designed and produced by the brand who is registering the foil(s) and may not register component parts designed and produced by other brands.

    Sailors may only register foils that are made up from the component parts registered by a single brand and may not mix and match parts from different foil registrations of different brands.

    For 2024 riders will be permitted to register 1 set of foil components consisting of 1 mast, 2 fuselage, 3 front wings and 2 rear wings. They will register their relevant equipment at their first event of the season and will continue to use the same equipment for the entire season.

    No minimum quantities are required to be produced, but foils must be commercially available to buy.

    For 2024, foil brands will be required to become members of the PWA in order to register foils for use on the PWA Tour.


                All equipment registered for use on the PWA tour must be included in the publicly marketed and available ranges of products listed by the brand and must be published online on the official international website of the brand by January 1st of the first season in which the equipment is registered for use.

                Registered equipment must be available commercially during the season in which it is first registered for use, no later than 30th April

                Equipment which is restricted to sponsored riders and team members and is not marketed and available to buy shall be prohibited and shall be removed from the lists of registered equipment even if it has been otherwise correctly registered.

    The final decision on whether to permit any item of equipment or any attached accessory shall be at the discretion of the protest committee who may prohibit the use of any item if it breaches the rules or if they feel it is an attempt to significantly alter the performance of the board or sail in question from its intended design.

    Kind regards,

    The PWA

    Professional Windsurfers Association