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    schade nur das hier im Forum nicht viel über den frace150 zu lesen ist

    bei meinem Gewicht?! ich bin einfach noch zu unsicher



    150 F-Race is a machine for heavy sailor, was 117 kg now 10 kilos lighter. It feels quite like slalom board, very similar to Tabou Manta witch i had years ago.
    Speed is great, especially on nasty chop we have here in Estonia, chop feels like flat water now ;) , goes over 50kmh almost every session with 7.8 Loft Blade and with ZSL S- 48, i can keep up with my ligter buddies with 110 slalom boards easy.

    i own Patric F-Race 150 GBM, and i mainly use "Z SL 48 S-" with it, sails are Loft Blade 7,8 and Loft SwitchBlade 9,3
    With 9,3 Z48 feels slightly more sensitive when wind is not strong enough, but its still OK.
    Also have Select V-Max 50 and Re-Boxed Debo Formula Fin ca. 55cm, Z48 is slightly faster than Select
    and works better if you pump board to plane, but in general feels quite a same.
    Re-Boxed Debo i use only for very-very light wind days with 9,3

    In some reason i can use slightly smaller fins than before, had a Fanatic Ray 145 before, it goes faster
    and has better upwind even with smaller fin. If water is not that choppy i have been using also "Z SL 43 S" with 7.8

    P.S this board is a "Machine" for heavy sailor (im 116kg), goes fast has hell, if water is not messy goes over 50kmh easily,
    i can keep up my light weight buddies with slalom boards easily and its does not get flighty if wind picks up
    and water gets messy, its feels so nice in heavy chop :)


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