Naish Boys Dominate the Podium at Turtle Bay

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  • Na Kama Kai Youth Challenge 2011

    Turtle Bay Resort, Oahu

    The Stand Up World Tour’s first event of the year wrapped up with the junior competition today as the competitors took to the water in two exciting heats. Naish was well represented with riders including Bernd Roediger (14), Ridge Lenny (13), Kody Kerbox (16) and Tucker Ingalls (14) who all put in solid performances.

    The final heat came down to a battle between Bernd, Kody, Ridge and Matt Becker. In the end, it was Bernd’s skillful switch stance riding that won him the top spot on the podium. Kody Kerbox finished in 3rd place and Ridge Lenny in 4th.

    Congratulations to all our young riders. You guys are an inspiration!

    The event was put on by Na Kama Kai, whose founder, Duane DeSoto is the current Longboard Champion. Na Kama Kai’s mission is to empower young people through ocean-based events and cultural programs. For more information on the organization, visit: