Weymouth Speed Week 2018

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    Registration is now Open

    The first and the longest running speed sailing event open to all types of wind powered craft starts on Saturday 13th October. We look forward to seeing friends old and new from across the globe at this year's event.

    To register to take part and for further information please go to www.weymouthspeedweek.com 

    A number of 500m runs exceeding 40 knots have recently been recorded at Weymouth so there is every chance of the current event record falling if the wind gods are kind.


    Registration Guidance:

    If you haven't already done so create an Account. Which you can do via Take Part > Create an Account. Then complete the Entry Form and pay the entry and hire fees. For those who have an account, from previous years, simply log in and complete the Entry Form and make your payment. If you cannot remember your account details such that the automated reminders don't work, or you no longer have your old email account just make a new account. If you want to register several people then remember to log out and make a separate account for each person.

    We look forward to seeing you at Weymouth this year, either on the water or watching from the comfort of the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy.

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