Next Generation Project - Windsurfing Freestyle Youth Clinic

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    We are proud and very pleased to inform you that The Next Generation Project is on and rockin' !!

    The Next Generation Project, a new way of clinics orientated on the younger sailors of the windsurfing world (12-20 years old).
    One Pro Rider Dieter Van der Eyken (8th PWA Freestyle) and one pro windsurfing-coach Alexis Duparc (windsurf-teacher for 20years) with both one goal, make the Next Generation of windsurfers learn faster and get better in their windsurfing.

    A concept which brings participants to the best spots in Europe (Porto Pollo, Bonifacio and Brouwersdam) with an all-in possibility (food, accommodation, clinic and rental) to make the cost in front easily visible.
    We will be using special pro-kids equipment from the clubs we will be staying at.

    Usual program consists of a morning warm up and briefing, 2 big windsurf sessions per day, video shooting and analysis. To finish the day, stretching and debriefing to progress and prepare the next day. This for 6 full days in a row…!!

    Come and be part of the Next Generation!!

    For more info, program, reservation or questions, visit us on and/or on our Facebook fan-page “Next Generation Project”


    Dieter Van der Eyken B35 (Starboard, Severne sails, Camaro), Alexis Duparc (RRD, Hot Sails Maui)

    First up Porto Pollo, Sardinië 8 – 13 April..